Not what I imagined A review of Adventurer Allsuite Hotel

I was VERY excited about my trip to LA. I researched the Adventurer and was quite impressed with what I saw online. I was scheduled to stay at the Adventurer for 8 days. WELL, when I arrived and checked in, I thought the Adventurer was pretty cool. When I got to my room I noticed the old EXTREMELY worn down furniture and the missing refrigerator. I called the front desk to inquire about getting a fridge in my room and they advised that it wasn't there because the guy before me STOLE IT. I decided to change rooms. The second room was worse than the first. Same worn and dingy sofas, and old bathroom. I was afraid to take a shower in there. I saw baby roaches in the bathroom as well!!! My remote to my tv wasn't working and when I went to front desk to get batteries they didn't have any and told me to go to the gift shop (a table with items that have been there forever and covered in dust). The woman at the giftshop told me to go to the front desk for batteries. I never got my batteries. Also I wasn't happy with the Rule to not having visitors after 10pm. (I was there visiting friends and they came over from time to time and possibly wanted to stay the night). I checked out 2 days later and was able to get my money because I had paid with cash. While leaving, I saw a family climbing out of the back window coming out of their room!! (I have no idea why). I felt much safer staying in a chain hotel closer to the airport. I won't stay here and if you're considering, think twice because it is not all it seems online. GOOD LUCK!

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