Not what I expected A review of Hotel Indigo Dallas Downtown

Well after reading the various good reviews about this hotel, I decided that this would be a good hotel to stay at with my fiance for New Year's weekend. Well, unfortunately we did not have as good of a stay as some of the other people in the past. I will have to say that the decor of the hotel is very cool. Everything in the hotel pictures is just as it is portrayed. Also, the hotel staff was friendly although not very welcoming, if that makes sense. The beds are uncomfortable to me. I know others have said that they were but keep in mind, I'm used to sleeping on a featherbed with down feather pillows. We booked the hotel through Orbitz because they were haveing a really good nightly rate for New Year's. We made sure to book a room with a KING bed. Instead we got a queen. The room that we booked was very small. The room I stayed in that was comparable in price in New York City was larger and I think that says something. Also the room we were in was originally intended to have an adjoining room so there was only a door that was between our room and the next room and the person next to us sounded like he was in our room with us. We could even smell his cologne, and I'm not making that up. After staying the first night, my fiance went down and told him that we had booked a king not a queen and they upgraded us to a junior suite with no extra charge for the remainder of our stay. The parking situation is ghastly. They use a separately owned parking garage across the street and you have to pay $6 everytime you leave during the week and $3 everytime you leave during the weekend and the hotel doesn't comp you for the parking charges. Personally I don't think that's fair if you have travelled by car to the hotel. The air conditioner wasn't working properly the whole time we were there and the coolest it ever got was 70 degrees. with it being 30 degrees outside mind you. ODD! Anyway, the toiletries are nice, Aveda brand and the coffee was pretty good as well even though I did get recycled sugar and napkin packets that the people before me only used part of. Other than all of that, not a bad place, I would just definitely like to see some things changed before I stay there again.

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