Not very accomodating A review of Plantation Resort

My husband and I stayed here for 1 week and we were not very impressed.

One night we were kept awake by someone banging a hammer on something in the next apartment. Another night we were awakened around 11 p.m. by someone walking their dog across from our apartment (no dogs allowed) and a third night we were awakened close to midnight by a woman screaming for the young man in the apartment below ours. She was banging on his inside door, his outside window and then finally left in a hurry in her car. Shortly she returned and once again repeated this entire scenario!

Each night we listened to a person staying in the apartment over us walking back and forth. They vacuumed at 7:00 a.m. in the morning.

One afternoon we listened to a distraught woman at the pool tell us during her "orientation" she and her husband had decided not to purchase. She told her husband she was leaving to go get the car and would meet him outside. She said she could see this rep was very annoyed that they had not opted to buy and she went to get her car. The rep came outside, yelled at her, "HEY! YOU!" and "gave me the finger!" she told us.

Upon leaving we forgot a brand new bath towel and some clothes in our dryer. We weren't even 50 miles away when we called back to ask to save the items, we would be glad to pay to have them shipped as this beach towel had only been washed the one time, brand new and expensive. We didn't hear from them as promised so we returned the call to inquire...all thrown away! On a scale of 1-5, 1. Go to a hotel on the beach! With treatment like this I would not advise investing in Plantation properties.

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