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Our stay got off to a bad start with the "curb" under the hedge in the parking area. With no way to tell how close you are to the edge, it is easy to hit the too high curb. Our new car now has a foot long dual scratch on the front bumper. Wonder how much tire stops would cost?

Upon entering the room, we were greeted by a pile of dirt on the tile entry. It was probably blown in by someone blowing leaves from the front entries.

The kitchen was modest but lacked silverware and a microwave. The bathroom faucet was old and very stiff to use. This bathroom had only a female toilet. Ants and some small gnat like bugs were in the bathroom.

In the common dining area for breakfast and snacks, there were ants marching up and down the wall by the window at our table.

The bed had a torn blanket. The bedroom TV remote didn't always work.

The living room TV was small and placed in an ackward position very low in a floor cabinet where you could not see it well from the chair or sofa. There was a giant void of a wall above the nice fireplace. Who does their decorating?

The night clerk was very helpful in getting us directions to Cool River Cafe (highly recommend this high end restaurant).

Most travel sites rate Habitat a 4 star. It should be 2.5 to 3 at best.

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