Not up to par for Embassy Suites... A review of Embassy Suites Miami Airport

Perhaps I'm bitter because unlike other reviewers, we didn't get a great deal - we got evacuated out of Key West due to Hurricane Charley and had to get last minute accomodations in Miami. A relative had a Hilton Honors card and booked us a suite here for the "discount" rate of $119/night. We'd been staying at a beautiful Hyatt resort in Key West, and the $119 sounded ok since I figured Embassy Suites was at least comparable to Hyatt. Such was not the case. Of course, it has the signature ES atrium, with lovely foliage and japanese ponds that the kids liked. But it still seemed to have an "old" look and feel to it, confirmed by the musty smell our suite had. The staff wasn't unfriendly, but neither were they friendly. Several calls to the front desk went completely unanswered, at varying times of day, and there was usually only one person at the desk, so you always had to wait in line. One time they actually answered and we requested extra towels for showering (only 3 sets were in the suite, although it could sleep at least 4), but then it took several hours to get them (by then I had taken some from one of the housekeeping carts that seem to be in the hallways all day). The room felt dark and damp, and the view from our bedroom overlooking what looked to be a scrap yard did not help. The balconly was about 1 foot wide and scared me more than anything. We were on the 9th floor and the noise from planes overhead disrupted my sleep all night and ensured I awoke by 7 am. Which might have been a good thing because if you don't get down for breakfast early, you're in trouble. It was good - made to order omelettes, pancakes, waffles, french toast, bacon, pastries, doughnuts, juices, etc - and free - but the lines got to be very long, and promptly at 9:30, the cooks shut the grills down and turned off the kitchen lights to the dismay of those in line (they could still self-serve the pre-cooked stuff, but even with that, the staff started cleaning up within 10-15 minutes. We tried to do as much stuff outside the hotel as possible, especially since our kids' favorite channel, Disney, was a pay-per-view channel! The worst part, however, was checking out and discovering that our $119/night had morphed into $135/night due to state and "suite" taxes, and that we had been charged $30 for 4 days of parking (and it wasn't even valet! I mean c'mon, who is the parking for????) And the location is not good - because of the way the roads run, it's difficult to get onto the highway even though it's right next to it, and there's a lot of industrial eyesores around, not very "vacation-y"...

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