Not too fancy and Not too shabby, almost, just right :) A review of The Inn at Harvard

I checked into the Inn at Harvard on the 18th of November and checked out on the 21st. My mother, who traveled with me, is a senior and was treated exceptionally well. She and I do not share rooms on trips, so I was very pleased to hear of the respect and courtesy shown to her by all of the hotel's staff. Initially, her room did not have a tub (only a shower,)the staff corrected this situation for her and helped her with many other minor problems.

Our rooms were very clean, and I am the type to look in the corners. I cannot attest to the condition of any rooms but ours; however, my bed was very comfortable; the carpet, tile, paint, and wallpaper were new-looking, and my room's view was of a quiet street. The furniture was rather masculine; Room #214 if you are interested. My mother's rooms, she had two, were both very feminine in design...I thought her beds were hard. #214's bed was quite soft.

This is not a party hotel or an upscale hotel. It is quite similar in design to a B&B. The dining area is in the hotel's center. The rooms wrap around and look down upon the dining area. Chess sets, oriental carpeting, and quiet guests were the setting for our stay.

My son, he attends Harvard Law, took us to the Charles, which is very grand. To tell the truth, I would rather have the simplicity, neatness, and understated sophistication of the Inn at Harvard. Coming from Florida, the Charles, albeit elegant, reminded me of the great hotel monstrosities that we have here. (Keep in mind, I didn't see the Charles's rooms).

Conclusion, the negative...Toliet flushing. The other review that complained about this problem is correct. Personally, I had ear plugs and we went on a weekend where the guests were few to none. I didn't hear conversation because there was none, but I did hear toliets flushing like crazy. Without ear plugs, I guess it could have been a total nightmare.

Warning: my husband and I stayed at the Harvard Square Hotel, near the Inn at Harvard, in October. UGH! It is worse than an interstate motel in the South. Actually, nothing is worse than that, but it comes very close.

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The Inn at Harvard
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