Not too bad for being under construction... A review of Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort & Casino

We just spent 4 nights (June 28 - July 2) at the Sheraton Cable Beach. The hotel was under construction but the one wing seemed to be mostly finished. We went there expecting the worse, because of some earlier reviews, but found it to be not so bad. There were a few things that were inconvienent that you would expect to be taken care of in a hotel such as the Sheraton, but over all our stay was pleasant.

The rooms were very nice and new, the beds were very comfortable and clean. The towels were so new that every time you dried off with them you got "towel fuzzies" stuck on you. We were told that the hotel had only been a Sheraton for about 2 weeks and that they were still working "bugs" out. I pretty much considered ourselves "guinny pigs" by helping the hotel work out it's kinks.

Some of the problems were as follows:

1. We only had ice on the first day, the rest of the time the ice machines on every floor were broken. Seemed like some type of electrical problem as they were all unplugged and it looked like the sockets in the walls were being worked on.

2. The AC in our room did not cool very well. We called about this several times and were told that their was a problem with the AC in the entire building and that they were working on it. It still was not working when we left.

3. Check in & check out took about 30 - 45 mins. and there were only 2 people in line in front of us. You MUST check out at the front desk when you leave, they do not leave a bill under your door and they want you to bring your keys to the front desk. I'm not sure why this process had to take sooo long. We booked through priceline, which pre-charges us, so we should not have had a bill, however, we did have a bill for over $700, which the hotel took care of once they reviewed our Priceline reservation, however the clerk at the front desk had to hunt down several people to ask how to handle our type of reservation.

4. The snack shop did not have long enough hours. It would have been nice to have been open from early morning to late at night. We really could not figure out their hours because one day they would be open at a certain time and then the other day they would be closed at the same time.

5. The rooms were not insulated from sound very well, especially coming from the hallway. You could see light coming around your door from the hall to the room, so you know the doors did not fit snuggly.

That's pretty much our complaints list. Like I said, we felt like guinny pigs working out the problems for the hotel. Overall the staff was friendly and helpful. The doors were always opened for us on the way in and out of the hotel by the door man. The house keepers did a good job of putting fresh towels and toiletries in our room. The view was great! The ocean was beautiful. The pools are gardens were nice. (Only a handfull of the pools were open, but the place was not crowded at all, so it wasn't a problem)

Overall, if you don't mind a few inconvieniences, we had an ok stay. We paid $115/night on priceline, but our bill said $105/night, so you might be able to get if for less while they are under construction.

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