Not the room you advertise on your brochure A review of Atlantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center

To whom it may concern,We wanted to stay at your Hotel after reviewing your brochures. We made reserations over the phone requesting an Ocean front view overlooking the Beach. After arriving there the roon we were given had no balony and no Ocean front view. We called the front desk and told them of this problem and they then put us in another room which and a half of a balcony and a view of the hotel and parking lot across the street.( We took pictures) But We took it anyway.........unbeknownst to us that Truck driver make there deliveries there in the morning and we had to hear the back-up beeping of the trucks and the idiling of engines which woke us up early. The worst part was the fumes from the exhaust sysem coming into the room.

They put us in a room right over the Resturants exhaust system. Idon't like airconditioning. I wanted to have fresh air come in the room.

Well, I figured I'd try the pool. That was a joke. There were so many little kids splashing water and really no room to even get in the pool without having some kids wet my hair. It was so overcrowed. The best part about this place is the locaion and the food wasn't too bad. But they should also understand everyone dosent eat pork and have some other kind of breakfast meat like Turkey bacon for example for those that don't eat pork. For 350.00 we could have sleep in our van and changed our clothes threr because thats all we used the room for. So in my opinion, I would like to stay there if I could get what we requested and we could have a chance to utilize the pool.Thank You for listening.Matthew Smith and Carol Deane.

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