Not the grand resort it used to be A review of The Balsams Grand Resort

My husband and I spent the weekend at the Balsams to celebrate our anniversary. The food is excellent. But the facility needs updating, and the service was inconsistent. And this resort is EXPENSIVE. We paid $1000 for the weekend, and it was not worth 1/4 of that....

The rooms are immaculate. Not modern - which is fine, this resort is older and quite stately. But the public areas appear in need of updating. The furniture is run down, the common areas near the ski/skate rental desk where you first walk in are just plain dirty.

We ordered room service when we arrived on Friday night. And the tray of empty dishes sat in our room untouched for 2 days - through 2 visits from housekeeping. Did they not notice it? We then put the tray in the hallway, and it was STILL not picked up. Finally on Sunday, I asked the service desk to have someone come pick up the tray - it had been sitting there for 2 days. The tray was picked up - but the one down the hall with empty (smelly) beer bottles on it was still sitting there all day.

The servers in the restaurant were young. The people waiting didn't understand proper etiquette. Many times I was seated and there was no fork, and when I requested one, it was brought and dropped on my plate.

Then another time, my husband wasn't done with his wine, and the waitress came over and asked "You thinking about more wine, or no?" It was just rude.

The ski lodge was filthy. The carpeting was dark and dirty, and the whole place needs updating. It was just dingy and gross. I've been to plenty of ski lodges that are not modern, but this one was smelly and musty and nasty.

Like I said, the food is great. But the service was very poor. The head chef is a huge jackass. We were sitting trying to enjoy a nice afternoon by the fire in one of the public areas, and he was giving a tour to a prospective student, and he was unbelievably arrogant and rude to this poor family. He went on and on about his culinary program, and how fabulous he (himself) was enough to ruin our appetite for the weekend. We will never return, if only as a result of hearing the inflated ego behind the cuisine.

This resort is totally overrated. Save your money, save your time driving to Northern New Hampshire, and go somewhere else to have a MUCH better time.

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The Balsams Grand Resort
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