Not the Best... A review of Microtel Pigeon Forge Emert St

First, the negatives: the room we finally ended-up with (#115?), looked straight up a steep and woody hillside; we literally stared at the ground when we looked out; it didn't seem too safe for a one-person rental (& don't let them give you room 110, it LITERALLY sits eye-ball to eye-ball with the kids at the swimming pool). The room could have used new cushions in the window area (like Microtel's have), the tub was extra slippery (maybe from cleansers?), the sink wasn't in the best of conditions, the sheets had old stains on them, our air conditioner worked but the off button didn't work (so we switched from A/C to heat the entire time), it did NOT come w/ an in-room hairdryer as previously advertised, and although it was supposed to be a non-smoking room it smelled as if it used to be a smoking room once upon a time. The pool was so tiny that it was more like an oversized puddle. I think the outdoor pool must have been an after thought b/c it was built in front of the hotel and the only way in and out to the pool was from the main lobby outside entrance, therefore, they constantly had a yellow tape draped across the entry ramp with a caution cone on the was constantly wet and very slippery. On the POSITIVE SIDE, the room came equipped with a mid-size refrigerator, with pretty good freezer space (unlike the super tiny refrigerators), a pretty good "continental" breakfast (2 cereals, bagels, danishes, and juices), a staff that was somewhat flexible to work-out any problems, and a price that was pretty comparable to those in the area. It was a clean but somewhat run-down place to stay and would be "okay" if you don't plan to be in the room much during your stay in Pigeon Forge. My best advice is to just show up, and drive up & down the strip before reserving a room anywhere (unless of course, there's some big event scheduled).

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