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All in all, our experience was good. The room was clean and the staff was very friendly. We went for the July 4th holiday 2003. We only ran into a few minor issues which would not discourage me from staying here again. When we first got there, we were surprised by the parking price ($15.00) per night and then we learned the parking garage is across the street. We had a baby with us and didn't want to leave the baby and one of us to go park the car so we parked and then lugged our stuff across the street, mind you, there is no cross walk directly across from the garage to the hotel, you have to go to the corner to find one and trying to cross without a signal is almost impossible during 4th of July weekend! When we got to our room (after waiting a while for the elevator which I must admit was slow the whole weekend), we flipped the switch only to find that the lights did not work. Turns out, they were all unplugged ?!? We were also a bit confused as to how to get to the pool as it was not clearly marked so we asked. We were pointed to a set of doors that had the "emergency exit only" signs and alarm boxes on them. Only later did we find out that the alarms on those doors were not in use so those were the ones we used to get to the pool. The only other thing we ran into at the hotel was one night at the restaurant, they were VERY shorthanded. We saw a lot of upset customers however, we were told while waiting to be seated that food off the menu would be a 45 minute wait. (we opted for the buffet which was ready and pretty good at that.) All in all, our experience was a learning lesson but we will stay there again as the convenience to all the attractions can't be beat especially with a little one who occasionally got fussy and had to be brought back to the hotel for nap time! Oh yeah, did I mention that we took the stairs while lugging a stroller and child in hand because the elevators were extremely slow... It was a good thing we were only on the 4th floor! Hope this helps!

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