Not Starwood/Sheraton Quality A review of Millennium Hotel St. Louis

I am a person that likes to list the positives and negatives about a place. But, at this hotel the negatives way outway the positives. I was here for a conference at the convention center and let me just tell you..everyone that was here for the same conference and staying at this hotel could only say negative things about it. It was a very awful experience.Negatives -(1) The air conditioner rattled very loudly. However, a few good kicks made it stop for a short while.(2) If you have someone occupying the room next to you do not worry about getting a wake up call. The doors slam so loud it can wake up the dead.(3) The indoor pool was EXTREMELY small; nothing like I have ever seen at a hotel.(4) No hot tub / sauna / or spa.(5) I came back after a long arduous day of job interviewing and once I got back to my room the maid did not leave any wash clothes in the bathroom and the remote control for the TV was broke. I do have to say, they promply rectified both situations.(6) The phones were going crazy all weekend....message light constantly blinking, friends would call my room and could not hear me was a mess.(7) Rooms are VERY small and the bathroom has no counter space except for 2 small shelves.(8) Uncomfortable bedding...they use some weird pads and sheets to cover the mattress and this stuff would move during the night and make the bedding uneven on your back.(9) The curtains do not pull closed all the way, so you have sunlight peering into your room, not good if you want to take a nap during the day or sleep in.(10) If you enter in the entrance for the Four Points by Sheraton you see a long desk in front of you that you would assume to be the front desk of the hotel. WRONG, the "real" front desk is to your left between the two hotels because it shares the same front desk with the adjoining Millennium Hotel. You think there would be signage on the "fake" front desk directing people to the "real" one? I would, but there was not. So, people just stand there and wait and then realize there must be something wrong when nobody shows up.The next two are the biggest negatives of them all..(1) The most unknowledgeable front desk staff I have ever encountered at a hotel. Upon checking in, another gentleman asked a front desk clerk how far it was to the America's Convention Center. She responded with, "you do not want my directions, I come from a small town in the suburbs." The guy walked off furious with that inadequate response. Also, when I made my reservations over the phone, I gave the lady my Starwood Preferred Guest number. However, it was not on our invoice when we checked out. I did not have the number with me and the girl at the front desk said she could not get my number for me because the line was too long and that she would do it later. Also, the lady over the phone when I made my reservations said that America's Convention Center was just 5 blocks away. That is completely false! It is about 10-11 blocks away. Also, as we were checking in, someone was checking out because of that exact reason. He too, was also told it was 5 blocks and was appalled when he realized it was not. Also, I cut my toe in my room on the bottom of the ironing board because it did not have the protective coverings on it. I went to the front desk, told the gentleman what happened and asked for a band-aid. He responded with, "we do not have band-aids here, you can go to the gift shop and purchase your own." I was furious and said, "you do not have band-aids or a first aid kit for guests who hurt themselves on broken things in the room?" and he said, "nope." Do you believe that?!?! Insanely crazy to me.Positives-(1) Great downtown location. Near the interstate, the Gateway Arch, and Busch Stadium. Not too far from the MetroLink or Laclede's Landing.(2) Very helpful and accommodating concierege staff.(3) Showerhead had a great deal of pressure and water was nice and hot.(4) Workout room, small but open 24 hours.(5) Buffet Breakfast at the Millennium Hotel was delicious.Please avoid this hotel at all costs. It does not live up to my standards of a Starwood/Sheraton property. Believe me, not one person from the conference had anything good to say about it. People were talking about it all the way to the airport on the shuttle and even while waiting for their flights!!! Beware.

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