Not sorry, but lessons learned. A review of Delray Beach Marriott

We just rteurned from a week at the Delray beach Marriott and It will probably be our last visit there.

From the get go the hotel showed its wrong side to us. We know after traveling extensivly that theres a back of the house, we just dont want to see it. upon regestering at the front desk we were greeted by a very upset young ladie that tried to put us in a room facing the parking lot after we had made reservations weeks before to look at the ocean. Only after arguing for some time did she finnally give in and we received the room we reserved. The bellman loaded our stuff and bassically dumped it into the room without giving us the rundown, I reluctantly tiped. Tired from my trip I went downstairs to do a short workout and take a dip in the pool before it closed. Stepping into the gym I was overwhelmed by what would best be discribed as a mix of cat litter, foot BO and disinfectant, not good. I skipped the workout and headed for a dip in the pool. There were only a few people around, mostly young men chain smoking with some girls. I unfortunatly overheard there conversation. They had skipped out of a local rehab clinic and where bragging as to how easy it was to come swim at this pool and use the facilities any time they wished. Aperrantly this was true given that I kept seeing them throughout our visit, even know I told the hotel about the problem. By the way there response was " they shouldnt be here" Du!

We latter found out that the employess like the locals being around because they leave them tips.

Walking around the hotel you find lots of service doors proped open expossing the going ons in the back of the house. IN the lobby at night you cant possibly have a conversation, or even converse with the people at the front desk for that matter because of the horrible blasting music coming from the adjastent launge.

Being that my wife was preganant we asked for a couple of extra pillows to make her more comfortable, were still waiting for them. Because we didnt rent a car we asked the bellman and the concerge for public transportation info. They dismissed it outright and we spent the first half of our vacation in Delray because of it. Eventually we just tried to take a bus and found that you could pretty much get anywhere in Florida if you have a schedual and a watch. In fact we skipped a lot of relly great trips because of what they said and found that we could have done them all if they were a bit more knowlegable and helpfull.

Bassically thats most of the negative aspects of the hotel, here are some of the positives. If your traveling with a kid they have play pens that can be kept in the room. The location of the hotel is wonderfull.

The beach is across the street, wide, clean and safe. The food is good and the portions large. Get the included breakfast buffet, its worth every penny. A casuall lunch next to the pool is also worth it. If you tip the room maids they will keep things very tiddy and give you what ever extra you need. We made a point of leaving three dollors every morning and a thank you note on the night stand every morning. The maid actually lovingly arranged all my daughters toys in the play pen every day.

All in all we had a nice time. This hotel deffinetly has the bones to be a classic but has some major work to do in the service and security end. I dont think we will go back to The Delray Marriott, not just because of the hotels shortcommings, but the towns overall, Outside of a great Pizza joint (Sazio) on Atlantic, its New york good people, theres not a lot to do or see besides the beach in Delray.

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