Not so grand A review of The Steamboat Grand

My family and I stayed at the Steamboat Grand over Labor Day '04 weekend. In short, I we were under whelmed for many reasons. 1) The only restaurant that served breakfast was staffed with TWO people who served SEVEN tables. That was it! 2) There is a real lack of seating in the lobby area where a family might expect to hang out, enjoy the view, or play checkers. 3) The common areas were not well maintained. The pool area locker room and hallways were maintained like a high school, not a luxury resort. 4) The bathrooms are extremely small, uncomfortably so. Definitely too small for two people to use at the same time. 5) The mattresses on the beds felt cheap. The duvets were torn. 6) And what really bothered my family was how noise travelled in our room from slamming doors (from above and on our floor). It actually woke me. They guests weren't clamming doors intentionally, but the doors are designed to close on their own and if you don't assist, they'll slammed shut. Unfortunately there wasn't any sound proofing to overcome this jarring noise. Ugh! Very disappointing!

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