Not so Grand..... A review of Grand Traverse Resort and Spa

I went up to the Grand Traverse Resort with seven golf buddies over the

summer. Golf was nice but..... The hotel was atrocious. The rooms were

small and dimly lit. The carpet was so run down in our room, I was

afraid to walk on it. The hallway and the room smelled.

The bathroom was so small I could barely turn around. Forget about getting two people in the bathroom. I had to blow dry my hair outside while my buddy was in the shower.

The only in hotel restaurant was closed @6:30am for breakfast prior to

our rounds AT the resort!

The "bar" in the hotel has 4 tables and 6 bar stools. My best friend

has a better setup in his basement. The popcorn was so salty, you could

use it to melt ice on the roads. The hotel is way way over priced!

AAA rated hotel. Guess they haven't been there in years.

There is no way in the world i would ever go back!

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