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The hotel opened this week. Going in we knew that we were likely to face some kinks because it was opening day. Construction is still in progress and they are still scrambling to get it into shape. Our check-in was delayed even though they have a late check-in. When we finally got into the room a lot of basic stuff was still not in place. We were plugging in lamps etc to outlets ourselves. The fireplace was not working and the TV was showing only one channel with no option to change it. Building materials were left over in the balcony. After speaking to other guests we did feel that we lucked out. One fellow guest commented that the dishwasher fell off when they tried to open it and that even basic plumbing was not working in their room. Only one of the four floors is currently functional. Expect construction to continue for several more weeks.

The rooms themselves are quite nice and this will become Seaside's premier resort once everything in place. The rooms are spacious and the bedding is nice. The rooftop view is very nice. The front desk personnel were friendly and apologetic for the construction inconvenience.

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