Not ready for prime time A review of Double Eagle Resort and Spa

We stayed at the Double Eagle three nights and were quite disappointed. They apparently are trying to remake the place as an upscale "luxury" resort, but unfortunately still have a long way to go.

To detail every annoyance and problem we faced would take too much time, so I will just mention a sample. They haven't yet figured out the concept of service, and the majority of the staff we came into contact with appeared to have little training or experience, and an attitude that you might expect with a minimum wage pay scale. When we arrived at 5:30 pm, we learned that the office closes at 5:00 and we were directed by a sign to find the spa, which we did eventually after some wandering around. There we were given keys and pointed in the general direction of our cabin, with no welcoming orientation whatsoever. Once in the rooms and digging through the binder we saw a warning that the bears are known to tear apart cars if there is even a scrap of food inside, so certainly their admonishment to bring all food into the cabin made sense. Well, we actually knew this already, but I think it would have been appropriate to mention this at check-in for those tourists who might not be bear savvy.

The cabins have been recently renovated, but much was missed. For example, the shower fell apart when we first used it, soaking the bathroom floor. Many of the blinds covering the windows were missing the control rod. Some of the windows needed wood blocks to prop them open. The wood that they provided for the fireplace was green, and unable to burn.

My experience at the spa was even more frustrating. I was given a bathrobe with a missing belt so had to hold it closed as I walked around. Then I was taken to a massage room with no ventilation, so instead they had two large noisy fans blowing, combined with ceiling spotlights shining into my eyes when I lay on the table. I asked the therapist to turn off the fans and she refused, informing me that the room had no ventilation so it was necessary to keep them on. I also asked that the lights be turned down and instead she covered my eyes with a towel, which was fine until she pulled off the towel to access my head in the middle of the massage, with the lights still blaring. In the dressing room there is a towel bin with a sign demanding that you limit your use of towels due to the large number of guests. Also, the dressing room is apparently shared with the spa staff and cleanup crew, so as I showered and dressed I was surrounded by a group of young workers hanging out speaking loudly in Spanish, having just finished a shift. I've been to many spas and had many massages, this was the only time I've ever come out of a massage less relaxed than I went into it. Then they automatically added a 20% tip to the bill, and I had to request at the front desk that it be removed - with the therapist peering over my shoulders the whole time.

The grounds had good and bad points. Certainly the spectacular natural setting is quite awesome. There is a cute little pond in the middle of one cluster of cabins, with some of the quests trying to learn fly fishing. The paths were recently laid with flagstone, but the gaps between the stones were large and filled with loose dirt, making it difficult to walk, especially at night when they are not well lit. The other cluster of cabins is laid out more like a trailer park, some of them close to the laundry room exhaust, and piles of dirt and gravel at key points.

The restaurant had a nice creek side setting, and the food was good - actually the breakfasts were okay, the dinners were fantastic. The views from the dining room (as well as the Jacuzzi in the spa) were fantastic. The natural setting and the entire area is incredible -- next time I might revisit the restaurant, but would sleep in a tent before I'd stay here again.

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