Not Ready for its Close-Up A review of Chateau Marmont

The physical property is amazing, and lives up to the hype. I had one of the cottages, and it was a perfect reproduction of a 30s bungalow.

The big disappointment about the Chateau is the complete lack of service. Let me emphasize: the total lack of service. Every time I asked a staff member for something, they first looked startled, they they looked puzzled, then they would mumble something along the lines of, "Well, I guess I could do that for you if you really want me to." I needed a cab one evening, and I was actually told to walk down to Sunset Boulevard and hail one myself, "because that would probably be faster". When I checked in, though I had several large bags, not a soul among the staff made any attempt to help me with them, even though they watched me go up and down several staircases, over rough cobblestones, to get to my cottage. Lastly, my cottage ran out of hot water three times in a four day stay. The Chateau is clearly coasting on its reputation, and needs to wake up and start taking itself seriously as a hotel, not just as an icon.

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Chateau Marmont
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