Not Quite 4 Star A review of ABode Canterbury

This hotel claims to be 4star but unfortunatly its not quite there. Its a shame because it is a lovely modern hotel in a characteristic building. The location is fantastic! But there is a big BUT sadly.

We came away a bit dissapointed. Our room was an enviable room which cost near to £200, and the pictures on the website look really something. The finish wasnt great, the bed covers and throw wasnt that luxurious as promised on the internet. The windows were filthy dirty and had horrible boring net curtains keeping the daylight out. It was obviously rushed and on a budget. Although the bed was massive and comfortable. At night there were so many noises to keep you awake! The air con sounded like a plane taking off and you could hear people walking around upstairs as clear as anything.

Breakfast in bed was late, well i actualy think they had forgotten, but my boyfriend called reception and they came about twenty minutes after and said sorry. I wouldnt have minded so much but the breakfast was nothing special at all, just thrown together. The toast was burnt on one side quite badly. Not good. They didnt charge us for it.

The car park situation (doesnt exist yet) is annoying. You have to park quite far away. We had all our luggage with us obviously, i wasnt impressed. They should have got the car park sorted before they opened.

On a plus, the Champagne bar was gorgeous! The staff in there were very smart and professional and friendly. We had cocktails before we went out for a meal and it was great. My favourite part of the whole experience. Inside the hotel is very modern and clean, and the restaurant looked very nice.

The reception staff looked all serious, they need to smile and be more welcoming. I dont think that is a lot to ask for.

There are lots of area's that need attention with this hotel, if they sorted these things out it could be fantastic and worth its 4 stars.

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