Not Perfection, But touches the imperfect in us all... A review of Chateau Marmont

After an enormously comprehensive bit of research into my options, I decided on the Chateau Marmont for a special occasion weekend. The reviews are obviously mixed on the Marmont, as they are most everywhere, but I thought it offered the possibility of something out of the ordinary, and it certainly did.

Tremendous property, classic public areas, a killer pool area...nice private entrance for those staying in the cottages. I admit the furniture in our room was "rustic", but I wasn't expecting furnishings by Corbusier, so enjoy the fact that you won't worry about spilling something on the furniture. Don't overlook Bar Marmont -- in fact, go early -- you can listen to the good music selections, and hear yourself think...much better way to drink in the 1930's Vietnam ambience.

I do feel Chateau Marmont owes it to itself, not to mention its customers, to step up its commitment to service. Room service was a bit uneven, and we experienced a short spell of being "invisible" in the Garden patio restaurant. Marmont staff worked to overcome the small matters, though, and most everyone was very personable and accommodating. Would I come back? Yes I would.

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Chateau Marmont
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