Not just for surfers! A review of Hotel RipJack Inn

The Rip Jack Inn was a great place to stay. I enjoyed the food, atmosphere, people and location. I booked a vacation for my girlfriend and myself, and I was originally going to stay in Tamarindo at Witchs Rock Surf Camp but they screwed up my reservation big time. So I found the Rip Jack Inn. Thank God I found this place... We saved so much money and had a much more exciting time then staying in Tamarindo.

We went to Witchs Rock Surf Camp and was very glad we found Rip Jack.

The food was awesome and the people they attract are very friendly. This place seems to be booked solid during peak travel times. They have 8 cute rooms to choose from and one awesome restaurant. Beers are $1 a piece. The owners are very accomidating and helped us plan many side excursions. Rip Jack Inn is located in Playa Grande and not so traveled place but in walking distance of the bigger Tamarindo.

Good Luck on your vacation and try to make a stop at the Rip Jack Inn you will be very happy you did.

Bobby C

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