Not just faded and jaded, dirty too...... A review of Hotel Metropole Bellagio

We booked this hotel online well in advance for mid-September 2004 as it was well reviewed. What a disappointment it was. Firstly we had asked for a first or second floor room with balcony. When we arrived they said they had not received the email (although they'd replied to it and I was able to let them see their reply). Eventually we were given a very small room on the second floor overlooking the road. The bedding was clean but the bathroom............well where do I start? The showerhead was filthy, the shower doors were black with muck and the floor required replacing. Having seen this we decided to cancel our dinner reservation as I was in doubt regarding the cleanliness of the kitchen. We paid 120 euros for this hotel and, after the Villa Erme at Lake Garda which was only 80 euros and wonderful, this hotel was a disgrace. We didn't let this place spoil our last night in Italy though and had a wonderfully romantic meal by the lake in the evening in another restaurant. Mind you, we found out from a local shopkeeper about the owner who has recently bought this place and also the Splendid Hotel and it appears he buys up properties and does not a scrap of maintenance then sells them on within a couple of years. Enough said!

Regarding the ownership and management of our hotel please be so kind as to advise us the name or shop of the person who informed you mistakingly that the owner has recently purchased another hotel in Bellagio and doesn't do any maintenance work. This information is completely unfounded and damaging to our good hotel name which leads us to suspect that you were the simply the innocent victim of a smear campaign against our hotel.

Finally, we would point out that our kitchen is spotless and our cuisine is very popular not only with our hotel guests but also local Bellagio and Italian residents. We await a reply at your earliest possible convenience and remain yours sincerely Hotel Metropole Bellagio

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Hotel Metropole Bellagio
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