Not inspired to stay there again A review of Bryce Canyon Resort

My wife and I stayed at the Bryce Canyon Resort in October 2004. We paid $70 per night for a Standard room with 2 queen beds. The best feature of the hotel is the location, which is just 3 miles from the Bryce Canyon National Park entrance. It's also only 1 mile from Best Western Ruby's Inn which has a grocery store, gas station, Internet access, and other conveniences.

Despite the name, the hotel is not a "resort". The room provided very basic accommodations. The bathroom fixtures were older but clean and the bed was comfortable enough. The room itself was generally clean, although the carpeting could have used a good steam cleaning. Also, while trying to find an article of clothing I looked under the bed and discovered that area hadn't been vacuumed in a long while.

There were not many external noises that stayed outside the room. Our room was on the ground floor, and on the first night the room directly above us was occupied and we heard every footstep loud and clear. You may want to ask for a second floor room if you decide to stay there. Also the room did not have some simple amenities that you might expect even in a basic room, such as a coffee pot and hair dryer. Other rooms did include these items, so the fact that these items are considered upgrades gives you an idea as to how simple some of the rooms are. If these types of items are important to you, make sure you ask about them when booking the reservation.

The staff at the front desk was responsive enough. They were neither friendly nor unfriendly, they were in fact rather expressionless. This did not bother us at all since they did respond to our questions and requests satisfactorily.

Whatever you do, do NOT eat at the hotel restaurant. The food was barely edible, and the attitude of our server - who appeared to be some sort of manager - I can only describe as restrained contempt. It was the worst dining experience I've had in a long time and we couldn't get out of there fast enough. Also, when we booked the reservation I was told the hotel had a lounge, but when we attempted to get a pre dinner drink we were told that we had to also order food. I got the impression the "lounge" was not very welcoming to visitors. If you find yourself in a crunch for food, I'd recommend Ruby's Diner over the hotel restaurant. Although this is a counter order establishment, the food quality was several orders of magnitude better than the Bryce Canyon Resort restaurant. For a sit down meal, the only other place we ate was the Bryce Canyon Lodge restaurant which was very good. That does require a reservation for dinner.

When researching the hotels near Bryce for our stay, my primary focus was a location close to the park. Bryce Canyon Lodge - the only hotel inside the park - was my first choice but it did not have availability. I found that the rest of the offerings close to the park were all motel-style, basic type accommodations. I then narrowed the choices down to Best Western Ruby's Inn, Bryce View Lodge (across the street from Ruby's Inn) and Bryce Canyon Resort. Best Western Ruby's Inn had the most amenities by far and also the highest recommendations, but I thought with all the amenities they offered it might be a little too busy for our taste, so I went for what I thought would be the quieter choice with Bryce Canyon Resort.

Although our experience at Bryce Canyon Resort was not unsatisfactory in any aspect except for the restaurant, if I had to do it again, I would choose Best Western Ruby's Inn over Bryce Canyon Resort. We did not find Ruby's to be too busy when we went there for food and groceries, and as I mention they have the most amenities and best recommendations.

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