Not Impressed A review of Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront

Recently rebadged from Mark Adams, this Hyatt may be a bit of disappointment if you are used to the typical Hyatt luxury. The bathrooms were minimally supplied: a small bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and 2 bars of soap. No body lotion, mouth wash, or even shower cap or shoe shine which are often standard in many lower priced chains such as Hampton Inn.

Many hotels these days encourage guests to re-use towels to save energy and natural resources. Nothing's wrong with it. But the policy at Hyatt is quite extreme. The little sign in our bathroom clearly stated that they do not plan to change linens and towels for the entire length of our stay (4 nights) UNLESS we specifically ask them to change daily. I could imagine seeing something like this perhaps in Motel 6, but in Hyatt? Appearently, the housekeeping staff might be feeling embarrased by this cheap policy because each day, they would turn the sign back to the Spanish side - so perhaps we do not notice it - even though I turned it up to the English side the night before.

Another disappoingment was the roof-top swimming pool and whirlpool. When we arrived, neither was heated. After many guests complained, they turned on the heater in the whirlpool next day. But the swimming pool remained ice cold throughout out stay even though many guests came up to the roof top looking for a nice dip in near 80F weather and the hotel's website said it was heated.

The positive aspects of this hotel are its location (beautiful view of St. John River), roomy guest rooms, nice meeting rooms, and the 1st floor Italian restaurant "Bravo Ristorante". Not only the food and service at this restaurant were excellent, but also all servers and hostesses perform a solo vocal to live piano music, mostly opera and Broadway type of songs. It is very entertaining and personal. Although the menu might look expensive at first, they are actually not so different from the similar dishes served by Jacksonville Landing restaurants whose food quality was mediocore at best, we found. If you are in the neighborhood, even if you are not a Hyatt guest, I strongly recommend you try Bravo Ristorante.

One caution. This Hyatt is conveniently located 1 block from Jacksonville Landing where a lot of restaurants and shops are located. There is a parking lot between them and also brick-paved nice broadwalk along the river. When walking to and from Jacksonville Landing at night, be cautious. Even though the path is lit well and there is a good pedestrian traffic, sometimes we were approached by homeless type people as well as con men trying to get us follow him into the parking to "help his wife or car."

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