Not impressed A review of Sheraton Charlotte Airport Hotel

this hotel has a lovely reception AREA, but the front desk and the reception you get there is totally indifferent.

we went out for dinner and when we came back, we noticed that the floor in our bathroom was wet--in fact, flooded--from the room above. we call the front desk to report it, and their response was "oh, thought that was fixed." and were ready to hang up. we had to tell them that we wanted another room, to which they replied that "they would have to call us back" and hung up.

they didn't call and they didnt even come up to see, they just sent up the building guy. actually, he and the waiter in the bar were the 2 most professional and pleasant people we came into contact here. anyway, we had to call the front desk back to ask again for another room, and this time they told us to come down to get the key. the maintanace man overheard our conversation and offered to go and get the key for us, which he did. the front desk didn't even ask us if we needed anyone to help for our luggage.

so, we moved uorselves in to the new room, which had obviously not been used for awhile as it was musty, and the a/c had not been turned on. but it was dry.

so, after all that, my husband went down to talk to the front desk to talk to them about their lack of concern. they just looked at him like he was talking gibberish. barely said "sorry" when he reiterated the situation and their indifferent response. i mean, we weren;t looking for any comps or anything, just letting them know that we were disappointed in their attitude. they didn't seem to care how we felt about our experience in their hotel. eesh!

anyway, like i said, the lobby is nice and the bar is good. one waiter in particular took very good care of us. the swimming pool is ok. the rooms, even refurbished, look worn and the carpets in the rooms and hallway are stained. the a/c is not very cold. and the room decor is just depressing.

the only reason we even picked this hotel is b/c they take pets and has easy access to the airport. we much preferred the springhill suites (right across the road) and will stay there in the future.

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