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I was not impressed at all. I am very familiar with the area and the surrounding hotels. Put it this way, it wasn't much better than staying at the Days Inn down the road. For the amount of money they charge a night, you would think everyhing would be perfect. The floorplan of some of the rooms didn't make sense. Why would you have a fireplace with a tv on top, directly across, from a counter with a sink? Aren't the fireplace and tv supposed to be across from a couch or the bed. That was inconvinient, and even though the tv had a sliding tray, I still could only see 1/2 of it from the bed, unless I sat on the couch. Room setup not very well thought out. I attempted to go relax and go the spa. I couldn't, why you ask? Because it was closed. I decided to then just suck it up and go to the pool. That wasn't much better, unless you truly enjoy being in a pool with 25 screaming little kids. There are also 2 jacuzzis, and an outdoor hot tub (pool). I didn't even attempt to go into any of the jacuzzis, since it was just an even smaller area jam packed with kids. Apparenly all of their parents can't read, or they just chose to ignore the sign that said "no kids under the age of 12 allowed in the jacuzzi." The outdoor pool was the place to be. I was able to be out there for a FEW minutes before getting splashed and having my drink poured out by one of those fine little children that found it possble to also ruin that pool as well. Kites, the restauarant/bar upstairs wasn't bad. They were understaffed, and a little pricey for the food.

I definitely do not recommend it. But they are building a new resort on the mountain, I will check that out and hope Minerals improves their service by then...

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Minerals Resort & Spa
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