Not impressed A review of L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles

My husband and I stayed 1 night, our first time ever gambling. Our first shock was the cost of rooms. $129.00 for a Tuesday night seemed a little steep. We checked in after 9pm, took showers and went in search of food only to find out that all kitchens were shut down to clean cooking vents. Not even any room service. Needless to say, there were many angry hungry guests. Finally arangements were made for the cafe to cook in the buffett area. Our food (finally at midnight) was free but really bad. Our meat was raw and the couple next to us had oozing pancakes. Our waitress was nice but talked bad about other customers which made us wonder what she was saying about us.

We found the hotel, on a whole, pretty dirty. Dead flies everywhere, a huge dark stain in the middle of our room floor, cookie crumbs? galore behind the curtains and the best part, a pair of mens underware outside the elevator when we checked in and it was still there the next day when we checked out. (we let the desk know) but does anyone check the halls?

My husband and I both noticed that every time we went to the restroom that there were always several maids or clean up crew? just hanging around. We never saw any cleaning going on.

The fire places were a nice touch but the area was littered with cigarette butts, ashs, dead flies and burnt sticks that I assume children had played with.

The pool area was closed.

The casino was quiet with no smoke smell, which was nice. We will not go back. I asked for a suggestion form at check out, I was given a blank stare as if that had never been asked before. No suggestion forms. And someone please get the cobwebs off of those beautiful deer head chandilers.

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