Not impressed with the all A review of Hilton Crystal City at Washington Reagan National Airport

I stayed at the Hilton with 70 other guest who were on a trip to DC. Upon making my reservation I felt comfortable in knowing I would be staying in nice hotel with what I was hoping good customer service. Upon check in I was greeted by Bobby who was very nice and friendly. However I was informed that the parking garage was $16 per day, this is not told when you make a reservation. So I let that one go because I probably should have checked on that myself. Then I check in to my room on the 12th floor. The room was directly beside the service elevator which ran 24 hours a days and made a very loud noise. So loud that woke me a few times throughout the night. The bathroom was not clean. There was hair on the toilet, coffee pot and sink. The batteries in the remote control were dead. The carpet was about 20 years old and ragged. I then called the front desk to tell them about the bathroom. Nothing was done about it because it was too late. I also requested a wake up call for 6:15AM the following morning as I had to be on a bus for tours at 7:00. Luckily I set my cell phone alarm because I did not receive a wake up call until 6:50AM. They were not concerned that they were late and didn't even apologize. The following night a woman in my group walked downstairs from the pool to check on the children without shoes on. And was told by a woman staff member that "She must not be from around here because it is illegal in Washington, D.C. to go without shoes." That is a new one for me. The day I checked out I woke up to find my receipts had been slipped under the door for check out. However I was given the wrong receipt with someone else's information. I went to the front desk to check out and the man was VERY rude to me and I had to ask twice for my correct receipt as he continued to flirt with his colleague as I am standing there ready to go. He actually asked me "Do you need something?" Long story short: I will not stay here again. Customer service is awful and the rooms are questionable and loud. If you want to stay in a hotel where you can hear the people in the next room having s** this is the place for you!

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Hilton Crystal City at Washington Reagan National Airport
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