Not for tourism A review of The Aquincum Hotel Budapest

The hotel is quite unconvenient if you plan to go to Budapest for tourism.

It is located real far from the city center. The only way to get there is to catch a train in the nearby station. The problem is that the train is not very frecuent so be ready to wait. The ride takes about 40 minutes to get to the Buda castle (there are works in progress in the underground). For me is too much time to be spent if you are on holidays. The return trip, specially in winter, will leave you in a dark station and the walk back to the hotel can be very frightening (not many people there, dark bridge to walk by).

We wouldn't have spent so many time if we booked a hotel in the city center and we had felt safer.

The service and food at the restaruant was average, not what you would expect in a five stars hotel. The room was clean and spacious.

Would not go back to the Aquincum, I would look for a hotel in the Budapest center.

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