Not For The Sighted Crowd A review of Viceroy Santa Monica

As I did not actually stay at this hotel, my review is strictly limited to the lobby area and amenities. I had a business meeting there with a client. That being said...

I found the decor in the lobby area to be quite unattractive, painted a horrid loud shade of green with the walls covered in what I'm sure management thought was some form of "hip-looking" picture frames, also an ugly green. There was an abundance of seating in the lobby, but it looked uninviting and hard to plop in and out of. One leather sofa in the corner was so worn it looked as though they had dragged it out of a county landfill.

The building itself I found to be rather unimpressive, appearing to be more of a circa-1960s office building than a "luxury" hotel.

But to me, the ONLY reason I'm taking the time to write this review is that when need arose for me to use the men's restroom off the main lobby, I found upon entry that the lights were far too dim to "take care of business," if you will. I asked the staff to turn them up, but they could only apologize to me, explaining they were set "just where the management wants them to be." In fact, further inspection showed that the light switch inside was guarded by a locked plexiglass case.

No amount of logic could sway these pinheads that mood or no mood, a restroom was one of the few places where MOST human beings require sufficient LIGHT: i.e. to freshen up, adjust their appearance, and most importantly, to "hit the proper target" when necessary. Additional gripe: Pretentious faucet fixture installed too close to edge of sink, making it extremely difficult to wash and rinse one's hands.

Perhaps management tried so hard to be different from other hotels that they had to resort to "ugly and senseless" as the only way left to set themselves apart. Clearly run by a champion of the clueless. Highly recommended for the blind, however.

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