Not for matter what they say A review of Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Ok, I researched long and hard. I am a hard working nurse, mother of 6.

We settled on Barton Creek Resort. "AAA. four diamond" so said Teresa Plowright.

First off, I have a hard time finding the place in the hills of Austin. I call the desk and the person there gave me incorrect directions, he did not know how to get to his place.

After some driving we did find it. Got to our room and orderd a cheese pizza. I asked the person who answered the phone the actual cost, knowing fees will be added. I gave up after asking twice but not understandingt what she said. We order a cheese pizza. Not fancy but it is what the kids wanted. Up comes a supreme $12 dollar pizza that costs $20 bucks. We sent it back and get the cheese pizza. It was really good.

Ok, Saturday we look through the list of activities. I call the consigner to find out what and where the hair wrapping activity is. A fella answeres the phone and has less information that I do, puts me on hold. Three minutes later I call back and was told the consigner is unavailable. The girls treck down to the designated place. Fifteen minutes later they treck back, nobody showed up. I called the consigner, she is not availble but someone else says they will send someone down for the activity.

The boys have made there way back from the arcade room, a 10x10 room with 4 video games and two table games, air hockey and fusse ball. The fusse ball is missing but they settle on air hockey

On our way out for the afternoon I stop by the consiger to make reservations and pay for the teen night for my 4 kids. I am told it is cancled. She does not know why " but it was in the e mail." She said it as if I had read my e mail I would have know. She has no explination. She does say they can watch Nemo...not a good swap for "food, swimming, games,"etc.

Next I talk to the manager. He says "nothing is guarenteed". For $158.00 plus fees and taxes this is a less than worth it response. He does say they are welcome to go the the kids club. When asked if he knew the age restrictions for the kids club he said "11 or 12 or something." Not, it is 6 months to age 8.

I did not expect this sort of treatment from a AAA, four diamond, place. Your money and mine is better spent somewhere other than Barton Creek Resort where nothing is guarenteed exept the bill.

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