Not At All What You Might Hope For A review of The Paw House Inn

The location is excellent; the breakfast is very good. Those two comments sum up the only positives about the Paw House Inn. I had had a previous experience at another dog-catering inn and so was anticipating an enjoyable trip once again. I couldn't have been more wrong or disappointed.

1. Although pet safety should be number #1, the copies of the vet innoculations I had been asked to bring for my dog were never even requested, leaving one to wonder if other dogs on premises were, in fact, healthy.

2. The fenced in enclosed area for dogs to run had a gate which was difficult to close with a makeshift connector. But the real problem there was that it also did not even closely reach the ground, had makeshift chicken wire attached in an attempt to lengthen the gate, but that had bent and wasn't effective. Result: two small dogs got loose from the area; fortunately both ran to their owner and did not run off.

3. Despite hefty fees ($201. with taxes for a single night), the bathroom door did not even close -- privacy was impossible. When advised of this difficulty the management offered "swelling from weather", but it was never personally checked out although there was certainly time for them to do so when we left for dinner.

4. No rooms have external locks so valuables need to be carried with you at all times or left unlocked in the room.

5. The glass door to the outside of our first floor room, which connected to a porch and view of the backyard, had no curtain or shade and was open view day and night.

6. The dog bed, advertised online with a cute picture and a bedspread over it, really was a disaster -- clops of filling lying loose on top everywhere, and general disrepair. No one would want their pet sleeping on that if they cared enough about their animal to want to bring him or her on vacation.

I would strongly suggest that other dog loving travelers look elsewhere for their lodging when in New England. This place lacks the upkeep, concern and warmth people come to expect from a B&B.

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The Paw House Inn
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