Not As Expected A review of Beach Terrace Inn

The Beach Terrace Inn is OK based on its location. It is not nearly as good as other reviewers say. Maybe we went with higher expectations based on other reviewers.

The location is on the beach with easy access. Big plus.

The hotel is marginally clean; certainly not spotless. We had a giant cockroach in our tub who says otherwise.

The staff is consistent. Some of the desk clerks are helpful, others are totally out of it. Some of the continental breakfast attendants are friendly; others are miserly.

And then there is a guard from a company called City Events who monitors the pool area to make certain no surfers or interlopers use the hotel bathroom or othr facilities. One guard boasted she looks forward to "kicking butt" (she did not use the word butt) of those who try and sneak onto the property.

One more note: if you have any mobility issues, the bottom floor requires a lot of step walking as there is no elevator.

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