Not as bad as everyone said A review of The Saratoga Hilton

I booked our room at the Prime through Hotels b/c it was the cheapest rate ($199) I could find during racing season. Only after booking did I read the horrible reviews posted here. Needless to say, I was upset and not looking forward to checking into the hotel. I don't know if we had a newly redecorated (and cleaned) room (#353), or just have really low standards (doubtful b/c I'm pretty anal when it comes to cleanliness), but my experience was very different from everyone else's. I would agree there are nicer places to stay in the area but if all you need is a place to sleep, shower and maybe enjoy a few cocktails at the hotel bar, this place was fine. It WAS clean, the beds were comfortable and the hallway smelled sterile if anything. If it comes up as the least expensive place to stay next year, I'll be more than comfortable returning.

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