Not Acceptable A review of Senator Inn & Spa

I stayed at the Best Western Senator in Augusta for one night and I will never stay there again. After check in I found that my room was very small, but that was just the beginning.

Despite their clever advertising portraying themselves as a luxury hotel, my mattress sagged and was uncomfortable. The pillows were worn out. The blanket was dirty. Their Internet connection didn't work. The reception on the first six channels of the television was bad. The lamp on the desk had a blown light bulb. The place was noisy because the parking lot is fifteen feet from your bed.

The bathroom was old and should have been renovated 15 years ago. It was smallest one I ever encountered and as you stood by the sink it actually was hard to turn around in unless you put your arms straight down and tiptoed in a circle like a ballerina. The tub was shorter than normal so it was not possible to stretch out while bathing.

Like the list of annoyances in my room, their gourmet restaurant added their own. At dinner, the service was confused and my entrée had to be sent back because it was not seasoned or properly cooked. Another guest had an unpleasant pasta. In the morning their "free" breakfast didn't include some items that you normally consume - like orange juice and toast. The couple of extra dollars I had to spend didn't break the bank; it just helped to reinforce my dislike of the way this establishment conducts business.

In their brochure they advertise that they were rated as one of the top 40 hotels in New England. I have stayed in many fine hotels in my 30 years of traveling and this isn't one of them. The only thing the Senator should be awarded is a citation for false advertising because the difference between this house of surprises and a fine hotel is of an order of magnitude so vast that it is unthinkable that it could possibly be rated anything above the bottom quarter of any known ratings scale. Underneath a thinly renovated veneer, the Best Western Senator I saw was nothing more than a modified 1950's roadside motel offering expensive but sub standard accommodations under the guise of a luxury spa.

Fine hotels have a distinctly different flavor. This one's rotten.

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