Not a place that will bring on a smile A review of Comfort Suites Downtown Buffalo

We have arranged to stay the new Comfort Suites Hotel (previously Radissons Suites) for 2 days after visiting the Niagara Falls. Upon check-in, the first impression is a really worn grayish room with an old stained sofa set. The kitchenette is no more than a microwave oven, a fridge and a sink, which doesn't allow much cooking. The rooms also isn't clean, with bits of dirt lying about the carpeted floor. When a light didn't come on we checked the power point behind the sofa, instead finding pieces of used tissues, hair strands and other wastes. It is evident that the room hasn't been cleaned thoroughly for a while, nor did the servicing staff check if the lights were working.

Looking into the washroom the depleted toilet roll has not been changed. We were even more surprised to find a dirty piece of laundry (a woman's tank-top) hanging from our shower curtain. The latter finally convinced us that the room needs to be changed. We approached the front desk which was very accommodating, but the 2 other rooms we checked weren't clean either. Some rooms were stuffy, and the hotel's antiquated ventilation system takes 10-15 minutes to be activated.

Under this situation we informed the hotel that we are changing our stay to 1-night. Regardless, next day the cleaning staff woke us up at 8.30 am(!), knocking loudly wanting to service the room.

The hotel has a very good location in the Theatre District and right by the trolley line, but Chippewa St. is also the main pub stretch which we heard that care must be taken when walking alone at night. We did not however encounter problems. We later read a Buffalo News article about the hotel which mentioned that the hotel is losing money, under its 3rd management within its 11-years history and owes the city money, which will explain the hotel's poor maintenance.

The hotel has some saving graces. Its front desk staffs provides excellent service, the hotel provides free airport transfers and decent complimentary breakfasts at TGIF located in the same building. The rooms are also adequately equipped for stay, though everything is showing age. There is also free wireless internet access at the lobby.

If you can somehow put aside the room cleanliness or have loyalty points to claim for a short stay, this may be a viable option. Otherwise, my suggestion is to find somewhere else. This is not one of those places that will make you smile.

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