Not a five stars hotel at all A review of Corinthia Hotel Prague

We stayed four nights in the Corinthia Towers.

The first impression you get when entering the hall is great, it is what you expect from a five stars hotel.

We were given a room in th 7th floor, when we opened the door that good impression flew away.

The room furniture was very old, the TV was broken and the bathtub was incredibly dirty.

We went down to reception and explained that the bath was dirty. They apologized and gave us another room in the 7th floor.

This one was worse than the first, the bathtub was not only as dirty as the other, the floor was broken and it had been badly fixed.

You were not able to have a shower there without a cut in your feet.

There was also ambiental music in the bathroom, the problem was that control was broken and you could not turn it off.

The volume was so high that would prevent anybody from sleeping for the whole night.

Again to reception, no apologies this time, new room in the 8th floor. Fearing the worst we opened the bathroom door, and the bathtub was dirty!!!

not as dirty as in the previous rooms but dirty as you would expect in a hostal not in a five stars hotel. Tired of complaining we stayed at that room.

The beds were very very soft, so soft that was unconfortable to sleep on them. The room felt old, the doors, the TV set, the beds ... all was old.

Talking with other customers we realized that, at least the rooms in the 7th & 8th floor were in a very poor condition. I do not know about other floors,

but stay away from the 7th or 8th if you dare to go to this hotel.

This is not a five stars hotel, seeing the rooms it would hardly be a four stars.

I am sure anybody can find a truly four stars hotel in the city center cheaper and better than the Corinthia Towers.

The Holiday Inn located in front of the Corinthia is brand new and looks much better.

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