Noise cannot be avoided here... A review of Sheraton Chapel Hill Hotel


1)Lobby is nice and hotel public areas are pleasant overall

2)Location is very good for Chapel Hill/Durham activities.

3)Front desk staff was very pleasant, and I received all the SPG amenities I was supposed to (several Sheratons mess this up all the time).


1)Quite possibly the thinnest walls I've ever experienced in a hotel. Unreal to me how far down the list soundproofing obviously is for hotel chains- it's something all customers care about and a vast majority of hotel chains do not. It was laughable that 10 rooms down- yes, about 75 feet- down the hallway I had no problem listening in on normal-level audible conversations. That's quite the problem when the hotel is booked up and people are coming and going at night and early in the morning. I am an admittedly light sleeper but my wife is not, and she was woken several times. This alone was irritating enough to prevent me from returning.

2)Manhattan sized rooms- I was surprised how small the rooms were. I would guess our club room on the 4th floor was about 300 sq ft.

3)Sheraton beds are not anything special (but to be fair hardly any chains have really good beds). Sheraton's beds are average, and the linens/comforter are below average. Not sure why these get mentioned so often, I love the size of the kings but that's it. Nothing close to a Westin Heavenly Bed, for instance.

Like most Sheratons, this is an average hotel and would be a decent value for the money if the soundproofing was not tissue paper.

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