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The modern design is nice but is left lacking for overall quality. No towel bar (throw it on the floor?). No conditioner, lotion, mouthwash. Only shampoo and body wash. Towels are fairly cheap, the same quality as Motel 6. No full length mirror to check your appearance. Small vanity mirror so small and badly lit you cannot apply makeup or really tell how your hair looks. A man would be afriad to shave in such conditions for fear of slitting his own throut. I requested a makeup mirror with light and several hours later they dropped off a 5 inch dollar store style travel mirror with no light. The water closet was so small you had to climb over the toilet to get behind the door to shut it. If I weighed more than 115 pounds I would be forced to leave the door open. No minibar, refrigerator, or ice machine. Unworking elevator. Forced fee for valet when unnecessary. Since we had to walk down the stairs because of the elevator, we had to leave the building and reenter through the parking lot. Then walk past our car, walk through the lobby, wait for the valet to pretend to be fetching our car for ten minutes when it was 15 feet away around the corner. No hot water, after leaving it run for over twenty minutes the shower was barely lukewarm. We checked out early and went to the Magnolia for everything we would like, a room nearly double in space, and more for $50 a night less.

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Hotel Lumen - A Kimpton Hotel
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