the end of october we stayed at lake arrowhead lodge to attend a wedding. the wedding was at our lady of the lakes church. we got up the mountain okay. then: they started to close the roads. up and down the mountain. the couple had a beautiful wedding but there was no music, the priest that was to marry them couldn't get there, the florist just dropped the flowers off and left, the photographer didn't get there till the wedding was half over and the priest announced that everyone should take pictures for the bide and groom. before the wedding began there was an announcement that anytime during the wedding if there was an evacution notice given, we were suppose to go to our cars and go straight down the not go back to the resort! the bride walked down the aisle with her father while everyone hummed "here comes the bride." the reception was held at the country club in the mountains. more than half the people couldn't make it and not long after we got there the electricity to the mountain was turned off. someone played the piano for the bride and groom's first dance and then he tried to play more but only knew the first couple of lines of each song. someone else came up with a battery operatated boom box and the guests danced to that by candle light and an emergency light. after a while all the candles burnt out and the emergency lights started going out so all were asked to leave. tired and a little sad we all went back to our resort which had an emergency generator. not long after getting there, 3 policemen came and announced that there was an emergency evacuation of our area and we would all have to leave. now the first two roads down the mountain were closed so we had to go up to big bear and come down that way. we helped the bride and groom get their things together and followed them down the mountain. most motels were full because everyone was coming off the mountain so we followed the bride and groom to their new home and spent the night there with others. that was five and a half hours after leaving the resort. the people at lake arrow head lodge were very helpful during the emergency. no, i would not go back and i know i would never have a wedding on a mountain.

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