No spa, no alcohol and tiny sized food portions A review of Resort at Paws Up

I traveled to Montana this past June to recapture some of my childhood memories of being up in Big Sky Country. So we decided to spend a great deal of money and stay at Paws Up. Well, I will not even go into every detail with the issues we had with Tent City, but suffice it to say it was more like Ghetto City. Do not even think of staying there. It will, I am SURE, be closed by the end of the Summer. The bathrooms are trailers and the picnin area is ramshackle. I kid you not there is plasic tarp over the tables - and I mean trash bag/plastic tarp. That is what you eat under.

My stomach hurt when I saw it in person. They DO NOT have their liquor license nor do they have a SPA. They have not even broken ground on the SPA. It looks like the rich owners wanted something to so with their time, and built a resort around thier working ranch. The portions in the dining room were so small we ended up eating power bars after dinner and laughing about the disaster that they call dinner. A cowboy would be ashamed. Make sure you check your bill if you do go up and see for yoursef, they add so many misc. tip charges its a joke. I don't see this place making it.

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Resort at Paws Up
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