No sign of Agent Cooper, but great none-the-less A review of Salish Lodge & Spa

I eperienced neither car break-in or $65 breakfast or bad service, as other reviewers have mentioned. My girlfriend and I experienced a very pleasant staff, fantastic rooms, a great view of the falls and one of the best dinners we have every had (and we've eaten at many of the US's best restaurants). The Salish exteior was featured heavily in the Twin Peaks TV show as the Great Northern Lodge, and that (being the nerds that we are) was our original draw in coming here. However that quickly faded as we expeienced the fantastic bed and bath and as I said, a fantastic dinner experience. Not inexpensive, but overall a very good value. Only 30 minutes from Seattle, but you will feel worlds away tucked into the forest. And hey, the RR(Twede's now) Diner (Home of Twin Peak's cherry pie) is still close by for some pie and a "damn fine cup of joe".

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