No Security, Service--Stay Away A review of Crowne Plaza Hotel St. Louis Downtown

My family and I stayed at the Radisson for 3 nights in July. It was horrible. There was a convention that the hotel allowed to get out of control. There was heavy drinking, cursing and partying in the halls until 5:00 A.M. My family and I got zero sleep. One night I was awakened at 2:00 A.M. by 3 men outside my door threatening to come into my room. I called the front desk and was informed that there was a convention going on. Security never came. It was frightening. The service was slow--breakfast off the menu took 1 hour and a half. Toliets backed up. Hand towels were left and no bath towels. Smoking on nonsmoking floors and the elevators was allowed. Air Conditioners did not work properly. No valet parking and no security in parking garage. I have contacted Radisson and this behavior appears to be acceptable to them--"remember it was a convention." The poor service was bad enough; however, the lack of security is inexcusable. Beware if you are not part of "the convention" because you have no rights, service or security at the Radisson St. Louis.

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Crowne Plaza Hotel St. Louis Downtown
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