No parking needed? Stay here! A review of Crowne Plaza Hotel St. Louis Downtown

Hotel is nice enough. We got a king bed/non-smoking on the 7th floor. Our room was down a short secondary corridor that had doors to our room (704) and one other. It appeared that they had taken a suite and chopped it into these two rooms.

The door to our room opened into a little hallway type area that wasn't large enough for any furniture but did have a nice big mirror. The room itself was cramped--furniture was entirely too big for the room, and because of the layout of the outlets, the furniture was only able to be arranged oddly. All the furniture except the bed appeared to have just been put in the room...everything was pulled out from the wall and at weird angles. On the plus side, all the furniture appeared to be brand new or close to it. The mattress still had tags on it. Some parts of the room appeared to be not quite done--carpet near the floor a/c unit was not trimmed, and an area by the closet didn't have the baseboard style carpet trim. Speaking of the a/c--it was pretty pitiful. Good thing it wasn't hot because trying to get the thing to do more than sigh at you was fruitless.

The bathroom had been redone, but it needs additional help. Beautiful countertop, nice wallpaper, new shower curtain. However the tile walls/floor/bathroom surround really need help.

Internet access is available at $9.95/24 hour period. Room had hair dryer, coffee pot, iron and board, many hangers. Ice machines on every other floor--ours had one thank goodness. Workout room appeared to be clean, only had a few machines and we didn't give them a try. Restaurant was nice, reasonably priced, and staff was superb (we had dessert there Sunday night). Actually all the staff we had contact with were very friendly and helpful. Had to call for towels two nights and they were brought to the room promptly and with a smile.

Now. The MAJOR down side to this hotel: the parking. First, they charge $10/day with in and out. Not too bad until you realize that on weekends it's cheaper to pay the regular rate instead (which we didn't realize until too late). Second, you are in an underground maze that is difficult to navigate at best. It extends the entire city block and is several layers deep, services two apartment buildings as well. By the third day we had sort of figured it out. Aside from that, the door into the hotel from the parking lot requires one to walk past the hotel dumpster. Dear Lord. It's AWFUL. It smells like they keep dead bodies in there. What's worse is the smell continues on into the entrance that guests are supposed to use. The floor in this entrance was always covered with nasty black smudges too. Because of the parking, we will not go back to this hotel. It was that bad.

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