No complaints about this hotel... A review of Holiday Inn Express Boston you'll want to get *excellent* directions to get to it, 'cause if you pass the exit, it turns into one of those "you can't get there from here" situations due to construction and one-way streets...but once you ARE there, it's quite acceptable...and, factor in the price, and it nears greatness. The rooms are fine, nothing out of the ordinary, the neighborhood's full of new construction, so not the best looking, but not the worst either. We had no problems at all with the parking, which was abundant when we were there, and very well lit. The breakfast buffet was clean and closely attended and frequently refilled and refreshened, not to mention full of delicious stuff...and we didn't partake, but there are delicious smelling freshly baked cookies every 6pm and 24/7 available coffee and cocoa!!! The staff was helpful and courteous. Save yourself the cost of a downtown hotel and associated driving (Boston is scary to drive in!) and parking woes, walk 5 minutes to the T, and be downtown in 10 minutes for $1.25 each way...and have the opportunity to people watch along the way!!!

We'd go back, without question...

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Holiday Inn Express Boston
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