No All Inclusive No-Go A review of Melia Nassau Beach Resort

Just returned from the Sheraton. The hotel renovations were a big improvement over the Radisson. BUT::: We happened to still get in on the All Inclusive. With that we could tolerate all the herendous service. Without it--- We would never pay the prices for the food and drinks they were asking. A family could not afford this unless they were wealthy and if they were they would be at Atlantis. At there best rest. it took seven people to give us a fillet mignon that was like leather. We waited 1/2 hour for one of our several waiters to give us a cup of coffee. The Bahemians will never get it, they can't move no matter what. That is why the gratuity is on the check before you get served. Otherwise, they would never get tipped. They will all yes you to death but to give service or move they don't know how and will never learn. AGAIN, with the All-Inclusive you can tolerate it. To pay for every little thing not a chance. Sheraton wake up. If Harrahs corp has signed the papers for the tremendous complex which Sheraton has a 10% share. How will they compete. They can't. Stay with the All-inclusive at a reasonable price and people will come. Most people were not on the plan and the place was empty. I go there every year, have never seen it this dead in July. Wake-up Sheraton. The Wyndam casino was good, but they took away almost all of the 25 cent machines and replaced them with dollar machines. Last year we had a blast in the casino, this year there was very limited machines to play. As far as the waitresses coming for drinks forget it. You could die ot thirst. By 1am the casino was empty. Last year we saw boxing matches, Boys to Men singing group etc. It really felt like you were in the action. This year nothing not even a combo Bahemian band. They also know there is big changes and feel there jobs are not secure. I wonder why. BUT while us travelers are still paying for a good time, we wold like to have one and expect all that we have been going there for years. Otherwise stay down by the Atlantis. I must still say I always loved Cable beach the best but at these prices I will have to pick another island.

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