Nickles and Dimed A review of Westin Annapolis

The hotel is beautiful. Apparently they raised their rates to take advantage of patrons for the Plebe weekend on August 10th and 11th. It was the last hotel with available reservations and I had to go to offer encouragement to my son at the Naval Academy, so I submitted to the doubled rates. I paid $278.00 per night for the room including tax and fees for a very nice room.

However, the refridgerator and console desk were not plugged in, and I hurt my arm squeezing it behind the heavy desk to plug them in. The refridgerator light worked, but the cooling unit in it did not. I notified the desk at 4:30 PM on Friday the 10th, and they promised someone would come fix it within 5 minutes. I left the hotel on Sunday August 12th, no one had ever come to fix it.

The drapes were getting sucked into the air conditioning intake and I had to hold it away using furniture so that the air conditioner would work.

The parking is set up so that you have to use the valet service for $18.00 per day. To park your own vehicle they charge you $5.00 each time you enter the parking garage, and if you leave and return 4 times per day then it costs more than the valet service.

The internet service costs $10.95 per day, as opposed to most local hotels that offer free internet.

The television cable service is set up to charge you for movies and sports. While I was there, the Red Sox vs Orioles game was on local television in the lobby and local restaurants, but to watch ithe game in my room would have cost $6.99.

There were two bottles of water in the room with a sign on them saying that if the bottle were opened a charge of $4.00 would be added to your credit card.

The pool is closed more often than open, I think the open hours were 9 AM to 1 PM, and 4 PM to 9 PM. The pool is only 3.5 feet deep and not big enough to swim with more than a few others without feeling crowded. The hot tub looked appealing, but was crowded with parents and kids.

The gym is very nice, but there is a sign posted advising you that users are limited to 30 minutes in the gym.

Breakfast cost $22.00 for an omelet, home fries, bacon, toast and coffee.

This revue is factual and I did lodge a complaint with the hotel and with because I do not believe it's right to nickle and dime patrons when the room is so expensive to begin with. The Westin did reduce the bill somewhat, taking approximately $50.00 off my bill. apologized for the hotel and promised a $50.00 travel voucher which they promised will be mailed to me within 4 weeks.

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