Nicely decorated overpriced Motel A review of Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa

When we made our reservation, the reservationist described the Sedona Rouge as the most posh and tranquil boutique hotel on earth with a 4-star restaurant. We were shocked to pull up and find a nice motel-style property virtually sitting in a parking lot off the main road.

The decor inside the room was beautiful and the walk-in shower was a great feature, but to pay $200 to have an indoor air-conditioning unit mounted 2 feet from our bed was a bit too much. Our "view room" overlooked the backyard of the property that looked a lot like the back of our house with just a hint of the Sedona rocks. Just when you try to relax, the cars driving up to the homes behind the motel would drive by. At least the drivers were neighborly and waved hello!

The restaurant looked like this was the town's first experience with a "hip" place and the locals were trying too hard to be cool. The food, however was presented nicely and was delicious.

This would be a nice place if they didn't build up your expectations and try so hard to be a deluxe hotel when they deliver a nicely decorated overpriced motel.

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