Nice view but hard to get there A review of Radisson Royal Hotel Moscow

My friend and I booked our room over the internet the night before we arrived. When we did arrive the staff was fine and gave an unrenovated room. We called the front desk and were told to talk to the internet reservation agent. The woman was extremely helpful and promptly gave us a renovated room. We were then told to go to the front desk to change our room. When we did we tried to speak the manager so that we could guarantee a nicer room but another desk clerk took over. She then proceeded to scream at my friend and to throw the keys at him. The room she assigned us was renovated but overlooked the parking lot and was near the emergency exit. We were definitely not satisfied with the way we were treated and my friend went to speak with the front desk manager again. She did not show any sign of concern until he told her he was a doctor. We were then given another room with a view that was fabulous. I understand that I was in Russia and the people have a different way of dealing with things, but for the amount of money we were paying the service was horrible. The final two rooms were very nice but the unrenovated was a normal Russian room. It is also possible to stay in a hotel, the same caliber as the unrenovated, for under thirty dollars.

I did like the hotel but the experience turned out to be stressful because we seemed to provoke rudeness for no reason. If you want to experience true Russia this is definitely the place to stay! Even with all the problems it can actually be fun.

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