Nice space, but pricey A review of Hanalei Colony Resort

We spent five nights here with mixed feelings. First, it's not a "resort." I would describe it as an 80's condo/apartment complex with nice tropical flowers, an average pool and hot tub. However, the apartment we had was large, clean, bright and sunny. The furniture and décor have been updated. Although, there was some evidence of maintenance laxness - the screen door fell off when we tried to open it, closet doors were stuck open, the light next to the bed wouldn't work due to a severely corroded outlet. These seemed to be related to the humid salt air - which is surely an uphill battle for a 20+-year-old seaside place. It was skirting the edge of not-okay for $180/night.

The beach it's situated on is very pretty but unless you're a great swimmer you best not get in. We did see sea turtles from shore.

We made great use of the kitchen, which was functional and clean. However, there was not a sharp implement to be found in the place - the knives wouldn't cut an onion (though they did manage to cut my thumb), the scissors couldn't cut a plastic bag (really), and the blades on the garbage disposal were so dull I initially thought it didn't work.

A big bonus is free broadband Internet; this somewhat made up for the lack of phone, which is a real inconvenience when you need to confirm reservations, and do other "tourist" things.

The weather was awful during our 8 days in the north, three days of nearly constant rain - we usually drove to Poipu (50 minutes) or Lygate (35 minutes), where you could have sun and safe swimming. They had high surf advisories in the north and south throughout our two-week stay. If we did it again we wouldn't go in April and we would spend more time in the south, east, and Kokee Park where it's sunnier.

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